Meet Our Team

Tim Miller


Tim brings over 30 years of management and senior leadership experience to his work at Oregon Business for Climate, working across multiple functions (manufacturing and operations, marketing, sales, and general management), in sectors ranging from low-tech manufacturing, to high-tech (Intel), to internet businesses.  After 15 years in the for-profit sector, Tim opted to make a more direct impact in sustainability, energy and climate – providing strategic consulting for over 30 clean-tech companies, non-profits, and agencies, along with launching his own clean-tech start-up in the transportation sector.  For 8 years he co-ran and ran one of the nation’s leading non-profit residential energy efficiency retrofit programs, Enhabit, helping create equitable clean energy jobs, support contractors, and advance policies while improving 5,000 homes in Oregon.

Tim’s view of the role of business, and its importance in addressing climate change, has roots in his formal background, an economics degree and an MBA, both with honors, from Stanford University.  He also serves on the Board (previously as Board President) of Climate Solutions, the leading climate-focused policy organization in the Northwest, and on the Board of Forth, one of the nation’s leading non-profits accelerating transportation electrification.

Email: [email protected]