Cap & Invest Background Materials

During the 2017 session, the Senate and House environment committees held a series of joint meetings to hear from experts regarding state and regional cap-and-invest policies and programs. This led to the introduction of SB 1507 (Senate) and HB 4001 (House) Clean Energy Jobs bill (Cap, Trade, Invest).  Read the materials here.


Joint Interim Committee On Carbon Reduction

An interim Joint Committee co-chaired by the Speaker of the House Tina Kotek, and Senate President Peter Courtney was created during the 2018 session. The committee is well represented across both parties and across the state.  See the Committee overview and meeting announcements HERE.

Pricing Pollution, Investing in Solutions

From home energy savings and job creation in Maine to clean technology and manufacturing in California, putting a price on pollution is driving revenue nationwide for clean investments. Read more here.



Proposed Carbon Pricing Legislation in Oregon: SB 1507 (Senate) and HB 4001 (House) 

Directs Environmental Quality Commission (EQC), in consultation with rules advisory committee comprised of members appointed by the Governor, to adopt a cap and invest program (CIP) with trading is a flexible, market-based mechanism that reduces pollution at low cost. Summary from 2018 Short Legislative Session. Read the Bill Overview Here

California: An Emissions Trading Case Study

In 2006, California passed its landmark climate policy, the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), which set a greenhouse gas reduction target of 1990 levels by 2020. Read the Report Here

Oregon’s Report Card

Oregon has tremendous leadership opportunity in the 21st Century clean economy. By embracing policies that shift us away from polluting energy our state can grow jobs, protect health and increase prosperity. We can blaze a trail for others to follow to a stable global climate and protect our way of life, while positioning our state as a hub of innovation. Read The Report.


Third Oregon Climate Assessment Report

Burning fossil fuels to run our factories, heat our homes, and drive our cars produces heat-trapping gases that unequivocally warm the planet. Effects of warming are evident on physical, biological, and human and managed systems across the globe, and here in Oregon. This report presents strengthening evidence that Oregon is already experiencing the effects of climate change. Read The Report.

IETA: Emissions Trading 101 Library

In collaboration with members and partners, we are pleased to present IETA’s new library of educational 101 Briefings.  These documents are geared towards a general audience who are interested in learning the basics of emissions trading design options and case studies. Read More…

E2 Report: Oregon Clean Energy Jobs

An analysis of the breadth and depth of the clean energy economy and related job growth in all 30 state senate districts in Oregon. Read Report Here.