Mission and Principles

Our Mission is to advance urgent, ambitious, equitable climate policies and programs designed to help spur innovation and economic opportunity while effectively and responsibly reducing emissions.

We believe climate leadership is critical to the health of Oregon’s industries, people and communities, and will help drive the progress needed for our state to re-emerge as a leader thriving in the growing clean economy.

We deliver the voice of nearly 100 participating companies and growing—representing industries across our great state from manufacturing to agriculture to transportation to healthcare—and the only statewide business voice advocating for innovative and bold climate solutions.

Key Principles

Oregon Business for Climate supports state policies and programs that:

  • Spur innovation and job creation, with cross-sector benefits
  • Position Oregon to capitalize and lead on new technologies, products and services, and competitive advantages that will emerge in the growing clean economy
  • Equitably support and benefit BIPOC communities and people in all parts of our state
  • Will be effective and responsible in delivering measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Put Oregon in a position to advance clean energy alternatives and contribute to worldwide efforts to decarbonize the global economy
  • Align with state climate goals and the imperative defined by science
  • Mitigate impacts on low-income and rural communities and communities of color
  • Maintain the viability and competitive health of existing Oregon businesses
  • Anticipate change, with flexibility to enable adjustments over time

Climate change presents a mounting threat to our state and our livelihoods.  At the same time, smart solutions to the challenge present great opportunities for economic recovery and growth. The nature of the threat, together with years of federal inaction, demands that Oregon demonstrate policy leadership now. Oregon Business for Climate and its Board of Directors support moving forward with legislation and programs that meet these key principles. We firmly believe that we have no time to waste in advancing substantive action in Oregon.