Our Mission is to provide a forum for Oregon industry leaders to collaborate in policy and business engagements aimed at promoting investment, job creation, competitiveness and economic growth as Oregon’s low carbon economy emerges.

Oregon Business for Climate is a statewide organization focused on mobilizing industry support and business leadership to advance climate policy and institute a price on carbon emissions while strengthening Oregon’s economy.

Key Principles

Oregon Business for Climate Supports State legislation that:

  • Will reduce Oregon’s emissions through a well-designed market-based carbon pricing program
  • Aligns with state climate goals
  • Maintains the viability and competitive health of existing Oregon businesses
  • Anticipates pricing and regulation flexibility that will adjust over time as policy matures and climate goals are achieved
  • Mitigates impacts on low-income and rural communities and communities of color.
  • Puts Oregon in a position to advance clean energy alternatives and contribute to worldwide efforts to decarbonize the global economy
  • Encourages linkage to carbon markets in other jurisdictions
  • Ensures a distribution of program proceeds that drives innovation and economic growth

Climate change presents a significant threat to our livelihoods, and carbon pricing is widely viewed as the most effective and efficient way to address it. The nature of the threat, together with federal inaction, demands that Oregon demonstrate timely policy leadership. Oregon Business for Climate and its Board of Directors support moving forward with Cap and Trade legislation that meets these key principles. We firmly believe that we have no time to waste in passing substantive carbon pricing legislation in Oregon.