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Mobilizing industry support and business leadership to advance urgent, ambitious, equitable climate policies and programs.


Climate change presents a mounting threat to our state and our livelihoods. At the same time, smart solutions to the challenge offer great opportunities for economic recovery and growth. The nature of the threat and years of federal inaction demand that Oregon delivers policy leadership now.

A Climate-Focused Business Voice

Our Mission is to advance urgent, ambitious, equitable climate policies and programs designed to help spur innovation and economic opportunity while effectively and responsibly reducing emissions.

We believe climate leadership is critical to the health of Oregon’s industries, people and communities, and will help drive the progress needed for our state to re-emerge as a leader thriving in the growing clean economy.

We deliver the voice of nearly 100 participating companies and growing—representing industries across our great state from manufacturing to agriculture to transportation to healthcare—and the only statewide business voice advocating for innovative and bold climate solutions.

Other business groups have redoubled their efforts with legal action and legislative pressure to resist progress – which makes your voice in Oregon Business for Climate all the more important.


Our Proactive, Agile Approach

Rather than betting on a single solution, we take an agile approach to advancing smart climate policies and programs. For priority bills that align with our principles, we bring the organization’s voice of support. We also facilitate and empower individual members to engage their voices, while recognizing that some members may have different views on a given bill.

Beyond the legislature, multiple agencies are shaping programs to help address climate change, many stemming from the Governor’s Executive Order in 2020. Oregon Business for Climate is taking an active role in shaping important programs, tapping members for input and testimony on the opportunities and significant business implications of key programs.

Finally, we enable engagement on other bills – those that are less business-focused, but at the nexus of climate and equity – where a supportive business voice is often critical to making progress.


By learning our members’ priorities, we reach out in a targeted way to get input and help with engagement including letters and testimony. This approach, in close coordination with our members, enables Oregon Business for Climate to support a portfolio of policies and programs, leverages our partners’ efforts in tracking all these conversations, and ensures climate progress without dependence on the legislature.


Member Benefits

  • A business voice for climate that leverages the combined strength of our network.
  • A seat at the table when you want it. Based on our knowing your policy interests, and respecting your busy schedule, we’ll reach out and engage you accordingly.
  • Your ability to amplify your voice with the Oregon Business for Climate voice when appropriate.
  • Connections to like-minded leaders in large, medium, and small businesses across the state.
  • Brand visibility where you want it, based on your direction regarding specific policies and programs.
  • Updates on key policy and program developments.


Annual Membership Dues

  • Large Corporation (>500 employees) $5,000
  • Medium Corporation (100 – 500 employees) $2,000
  • Small Corporation (<100 employees) $500


Invest in Progress and Innovation

Become a member of Oregon Business for Climate along with other forward-thinking companies throughout the state, working closely with Oregon lawmakers to shape smart, ambitious statewide climate policies that are good for Oregon industries, people and communities, helping our state to re-emerge as a leader thriving in the clean economy.

With so much at stake and lots of work ahead, your support and leadership are vital to our continued success.

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