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Mobilizing industry support and business leadership to advance climate policy and institute a price on carbon emissions

Climate change presents a significant threat to our livelihoods, and carbon pricing is widely viewed as the most effective and efficient way to address it. The nature of the threat, together with federal inaction, demands that Oregon demonstrate timely policy leadership now.

A Climate Focused Business Voice

We are Oregon’s only statewide business organization focused on passing carbon pricing policy in Oregon. Our mission is to provide a forum for Oregon industry leaders to collaborate in policy and business engagements aimed at promoting investment, job creation, competitiveness, and economic growth towards Oregon’s low carbon economy.

Proactive Approach

While Oregon has a legacy of serving as good stewards of the environment while ensuring a strong economy, there has been a significant void from the business community to engage in a proactive and comprehensive approach to addressing the risks from climate change. Oregon Business for Climate has filled that void, emerging as an influential and reasoned voice representing a diversity of businesses.

Member Benefits

Our members have access to staff expertise, lobbying support, partner groups, policy briefs, industry-specific research, monthly member calls, and sponsored events.

Seat at the Table

Our members have the unique opportunity to engage with business leaders across Oregon in shaping the state’s future climate policy agenda. Oregon Business for Climate provides a professional network and platform for collaborating with peers across industries to understand the risks of climate change, while creating viable solutions and advocating for passing a well-designed Cap and Trade program in the 2019 Legislative Session

Brand Visibility

All members receive brand recognition through our website, social media platforms, and marketing collateral.  Our members also engage in advocacy efforts including Op-Eds, editorial board meetings, and events.

Invested in Progress and Innovation

Become a member of Oregon Business for Climate along with other forward-thinking companies throughout the state, who work closely with Oregon lawmakers to shape responsible statewide carbon pricing policy that is good for business, good for the economy, and meets Oregon’s carbon reduction goals.

With so much at stake and lots of work ahead, your support and leadership are vital for our success in 2019.

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