Our Members

Oregon Business for Climate is a league of nearly 100 forward-looking companies across the state in a wide range of industries. We bring perspectives ranging from manufacturing to agriculture, high-tech, health care, food service, finance, construction, professional services, and others. Some of our members are directly involved in the clean economy – including renewables, clean buildings, and clean technology. Others are only indirectly involved, recognizing that addressing climate change benefits everyone including their employees and customers.


Policy Note

Our work supports a handful of priority policies and programs each year, as described in our Mission and Key Principles. How does this work relate to our members?


Varied Perspectives. Shared Principles.

Our members represent a range of industries, business models, and market demands, and may not necessarily support all of the individual policies and programs we are working to advance.
That said, our members share the belief that urgent, ambitious, equitable climate policies and programs—able to help spur innovation and economic opportunity, while effectively and responsibly reducing emissions—are critical to the health of Oregon’s industries, people, and communities, particularly those most impacted by the effects of inaction. We believe taking action now will help our state capitalize on its assets to thrive in the growing clean economy.

A Few of Our Members

Below is a sampling of member companies proud to support action to address climate change, many of them also leading with their own internal climate actions.