This year, Oregon Business for Climate supported passage of several critical bills, new programs, and strong agency budgets to continue climate progress and maximize Oregon’s success with recent federal funding.

With the support of over 2 dozen leading companies, we sent this powerful business letter to Oregon’s budget leaders in the legislature – pushing for strong investments in Oregon. But following the longest walkout in Oregon history, there was real concern about whether any climate policies would make it through the legislature. As the session reconvened just before closure, and the year’s key climate policies were combined into a single package, dozens of opposition industry groups tried to prevent passage and rattled many legislators. Thanks to dozens of leading businesses answering our call, we were able to present another very strong pro-climate business letter that helped neutralize the anti-climate voices. The debate earned coverage in the Portland Business Journal, the Capital Chronicle, and others. Again, we’re so pleased to say, the legislature went on to pass the package, investing $90 million in policies that will drive progress and help Oregon land over $1 billion in federal investments.

Before helping push this major package across the finish line, Oregon Business for Climate was deeply involved throughout the session to bring a business voice to support many of the key component climate policies that eventually passed in the package:

  • SB 868, 869, 870 and 871: A top priority package of bills that advance efficiency & electrification of new & existing homes & commercial buildings.
  • HB 2714: Supports incentives for Oregon businesses to adopt electric medium and heavy-duty trucks, and helps leverage federal incentives.
  • SB 530: Creates metrics and incentives for carbon sequestration on Oregon’s farms, forests, and wetlands, leveraging federal incentives and boosting resilience.
  • SB 522: Elevating state climate planning, traction and action, while finally providing resources and authority for the Oregon Climate Action Commission.