Oregon House Takes Historic Vote to Move Cap and Trade Forward

On Monday evening the Oregon House of Representatives voted 36 to 24 to pass HB 2020, Oregon’s Cap and Trade Program. The bill is expected to be voted on in the Senate this Thursday.

In recent days the bill has made national headlines; it is being touted as the boldest climate action to be undertaken by any state in recent history, one that creates a policy roadmap for other states to follow. HB 2020 caps climate pollution economywide and invests in clean energy solutions as well as climate mitigation and adaptation efforts across Oregon. The policy offers a singular, historic opportunity to tackle climate pollution while spurring innovation and strengthening the state’s economy.

“This policy has been in the making for over a decade, and Monday’s vote was historic,” said Nancy Hamilton, Co-Director of Oregon Business for Climate. “We look forward to the Senate vote, and will continue our work to help get this over the finish line between now and when it lands on the Governor’s desk.”

Oregon Business for Climate has been working behind the scenes for over 18 months to help craft a policy that’s a win/win for Oregon’s environment and its economy. The organization’s 100 members collectively represent over 30,000 Oregon employees.