Mobilizing industry support and business leadership to advance urgent, ambitious, equitable climate policies and programs
We are a league of Oregon businesses that believe leadership creates opportunity
Climate leadership supports the health of Oregon's industries, people, and communities


Oregon has been a leader and economic hub of renewable energy and clean technology innovation, but there is much more work that needs to be done to reassert that leadership.


Significant threats and risks to Oregon’s economy range from warming temperatures, wildfires, drought, depleting snowpack and ocean acidification. These global and local risks have direct impact on the immediate and long term health of Oregon’s diverse economy including agriculture, fisheries, recreational, financial, energy and natural resource industries.


Advancing and endorsing statewide climate policies that help spur innovation, economic development, and reinvestment into our communities offers economy-wide opportunities for Oregonians and our businesses. Facing climate change head-on can put Oregon at the forefront of clean technologies, new service opportunities, and economic competitiveness.