We are a statewide business initiative working to advance a carbon pricing mechanism for Oregon.
The Alliance and its Board of Directors support moving forward with statewide Cap and Invest legislation.
Our mission is to provide a framework for Oregon industry leaders to collaborate in policy and business engagements aimed at promoting investment, job creation, competitiveness and economic growth towards Oregon’s low carbon economy.


Oregon has emerged as a leader and economic hub of renewable energy and clean technology innovation. The passing of the clean fuels standard and renewable portfolio standards have laid the groundwork for addressing the impacts of climate change but there is much more work that needs to be done.


Significant threats and risks to Oregon’s economy ranging from warming temperatures, wildfires, drought, depleting snowpack and ocean acidification. These global and local risks have direct impact on the immediate and long term health of Oregon’s diverse economy including agriculture, fisheries, recreational, financial, energy and natural resource industries.


Advancing and endorsing a statewide climate policy that encompasses a price on carbon emissions with reinvestment into Oregon communities and infrastructure provides a significant opportunity for Oregonians and businesses to address climate change head on while being at the forefront of clean technology innovation and economic competitiveness.